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  • Lynette Jackson always felt there was a special calling on her life. Unfortunately due to divorce and tragedy, she found herself spiraling out of control, feeling hollow inside and no longer enjoying what meant the most to her. She turned to food, alcohol, and prescription drugs to cope with losing everything, while silently suffering, trying to lead the Christian life on the outside.

    nShe finally realized, “My refusal to deal with the tragedies in my life sent me on a treacherous downward spiral… I neglected and abused the person who should have meant the most in my life—me!”

    nHave you given up on life? Are you fighting against life’s circumstances such as finances, tragedy, or low self-esteem making you hollow inside? Then join Lynette as she shares her personal defeats and victories in learning how to cope with unfortunate circumstances. She provides you with words of encouragement to find strength in God and the coping mechanisms to apply to your own life.

    nStart seeing yourself through God’s eyes and you will receive a rebirth in life, love, and laughter.

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