Joy In the Midst of Pain

Hope in Time of Grieving - April's Legacy

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  • When Diane Czekala’s daughter April died in 2011, she was just twenty-three and had her whole life ahead of her.
     Uniquely, she knew she was going to die and told her mother about it three months before it happened.  Diane wanted to hear nothing about it, but then told her, " 'IF' you do die, find a way to let me know you are okay".
    After her death, Diane and her husband, Michael, feared for April’s salvation. But Joy in the Midst of Pain recounts dramatic instances of dreams, visions, and prophetic inspirations that came from  people across the country who knew April. Each clearly confirmed to the couple their daughter was with Jesus, there is life after death, and it is wonderful .
    As a  minister of healing, Diane also explains different types of grieving, understanding the grieving process, and hindrances to healing, as she shares her story.
    If you wonder about life after death, are sorrowing the loss of a loved one, or know someone who is, Joy in the Midst of Pain will offer hope in Jesus and inspire you to draw near to God. As Diane’s story emphatically demonstrates, “He will get you through.” 
  • Diane Czekala is an ordained minister who has opened healing rooms in New York state and Branson, Missouri. She and her husband, Michael, have three grown children and three grandchildren. The couple plans to move to Jerusalem in 2015 to continue their ministry.
    • ISBN-10: 1629984612
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    • Publisher: Charisma House
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    • Publication Date: 20150901
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