Kick Anxiety

Let Go of Anxiety and Live In the Peace of God

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  • Do you find yourself constantly worrying? Are you feeling trapped and anxious, powerless to change your seemingly hopeless situation?

    In Kick Anxiety, author and counselor Anne Laidlaw encourages readers to get to the root of their anxiety so they can overcome the doubt, unbelief, and other self-destructive patterns of behavior that are destroying them physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    Don’t give anxiety the power to steal your joy. Make the decision to cast your fear and anxiety upon God, and surrender the burdens you were never meant to bear. These inspired words will encourage you to stop relying on yourself and give God complete control of your life, knowing that He is your safe place. When you do, you will Kick Anxiety and begin to enjoy the abundant life that only God can offer!

  • Anne Laidlaw lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and is married with three children. A counselor and teacher with a degree in psychology, she teaches Pastoral Care Courses, ‚ÄúHelping People--A Biblical View of Restoration and Basic Counseling Skills,‚Äù Parts One and Two. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, retreats and other engagements, and spends as much time writing as possible. Anne has published magazine articles as well as two books, Know God More and Kick Addiction, and has been interviewed on New Zealand television and radio programs.
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