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  • Everyone needs to laugh-laugh more often, laugh at ourselves, and laugh at the nonsensical circumstances and situations we face every day. Humor strengthens the immune system, enabling the body to fight sickness and disease. Drawing from two lifetimes of joyful ministry, Charles and Frances Hunter have compiled some fabulous jokes, anecdotes, musings, and mind twisters to make your heart merry and speed healing to your body and soul.
  • Charles and Frances Hunter, the Happy Hunters, are legendary figures in the body of Christ. They are known around the world as two of the most anointed and energetic evangelists on earth! They have ministered in 49 nations and have seen awesome healings everywhere they’ve been. They are authors of 54 best-selling books, including: How to Heal the Sick, which has been translated into so many languages that approximately 80 percent of the world’s population can read it in a native language.

    • ISBN-10: 1599793490
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781599793498
    • Number Of Pages: 192
    • Publisher: Charisma House
    • Imprint: Christian Life
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    • Thickness: 0.49 in
    • Width: 5.5 in
    • Publication Date: 20080905
    • Language: English

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