Breaking Intimidation + Amplified Leadership + The Power of Humility

Live And Lead A Powerful Life For Your Ministry

Breaking Intimidation: Say "No" Without Feeling Guilty. Be Secure Without The Approval Of Man

John Bevere exposes threats and pressures, breaks the fearful grip, and teaches you to release God's gifts and establish his dominion in your life.Shake free from depression, hopelessness and confusion, and walk in a new boldness and confidence in the power of the Jesus Christ.

Amplified Leadership: 5 Practices To Establish Influence, Build People, and Impact Others

provides an intentional development process that starts with your relationships and ends with empowered leaders who are ready to make an impact. Developing strong leaders is crucial for your ministry to reach its full potential and to attain all that God has for you.

The Power of Humility: Living Like Jesus

R. T. Kendall challenges us to look deeply into our hearts and motives to recognize the pride and self-righteousness there. Using personal stories and enlightening examples from the Bible, he demonstrates how pride interferes with a close relationship with God and reveals how to overcome pride and become more like Jesus.  
This bundle will empower and impact your ministry to go further for God!


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