Ministry Today 2016/09 September-October Issue

Cover Story

Plant Power
Seacoast Church pastor Greg Surratt has made it his life’s work to support startup churches wherever God calls His people to plant one.

Featured Articles

  • Capital Congregation
    Pastor Mark Batterson and National Community Church reaches the unchurched and dechurched with unconventional style.
  • Unfair Advantage
    Believers benefit from the daily leading of the Holy Spirit—their unfair advantage—in the marketplace.
  • Directed By God
    Expression 58 pastor finds his prophetic gift helps to translate God’s voice and aid Christian leaders in the marketplace.
  • The Shoe That Grows
    College student Kenton Lee was gripped by an African orphan’s critical need for shoes—and labored to do something about it.

Ministry Matters

  • Technology: Avoid the rush to fix church tech issues with paid staff.
  • Worship: Choose to grow for the betterment of your team.
  • Kids: Help your team shift from “volunteers” to “ministers.”

Ministry Leadership

  • Diverse Voices: Learn about listening to people different than you.

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