Ministry Today - 2017 / 02 MAR-APR

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Women Leaders
Artist Caroline Simas is one of 21 women leaders in marketplace or traditional ministry we honor in this annual MT21 issue.

Featured Articles

  • Life in the Creative Stratosphere
    Gus Granger’s uniquely named marketing and PR agency, 70kft, finds perspective from above.
  • Creating A World Of Wow
    Family Entertainment Centers by Worlds of Wow help families commit to attend church.
  • The Eyes Have It
    Ben and Laura Harrison find hope in helping kids around the world when their son is born with a rare eye condition.

Ministry Matters

  • Technology: Prepare for unsaved volunteers who want to join your church tech team.
  • Worship: Worship teams are more productive when their leaders are intentional.
  • Kids: Children’s ministry leaders are much more than weekend babysitters.Ministry Leadership

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