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  •  Greg Hinnant, one of Creation House’s most prolific authors, presents an intimate exposition of the Book of Philippians, thoroughly exploring its author, audience, and historical context.  PhilippianNotes strikes the right balance, offering content that is both theologically precise and emotionally stirring, making this commentary a valuable resource for pastors and teachers and a very understandable and motivational study for every believer.
    As with all his books, Hinnant’s teaching tone is respectful, personal, and pastoral. He has approached this epistle with devotion and scholarship, interweaving his personal insights with the collective wisdom of a host of Christian writers, scholars, and theologians. Numerous biblical references and thought-provoking footnotes are provided for those desiring further study.
    PhilippianNotes is a uniquely insightful, informative, and moving tapestry of transformational truth and wisdom. It will deepen your appreciation for the apostle Paul, his teachings, and all that God accomplished in and through him—and desires to do in and through us.

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