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  • Here’s an ultimate portrait of a loving Father, one to whom we can come for a fresh supply of truth and beauty, day by day. In the process, we’ll awaken a fervent devotion to our heavenly Lord. As we employ the Great Commission in our daily lives, we also discover the joy and pleasure of being a vehicle through whom Christ’s own prayers are lived out in the world. Prepare to encounter:
    • nttGod--His awesome, loving presence in your daily life
    • nttGod’s Power--His active, supernatural role in your daily life
    • nttYour True Identity in God--His view of you
    • nttA Fresh Awakening and Understanding of God’s Majesty--His plans to bring you to new heights of joy and peace that you never thought possible
    The Pleasures of Loving God is a call to accept God’s all-encompassing love for you, something that is already yours, not anything that you have to earn or win.

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