Precious Pearls From The Proverbs

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  • Within the sixty-six books of the Bible, there is one literary jewel box overflowing with God’s priceless wisdom-the Book of Proverbs. Greg Hinnant challenges readers and examines the “fine, precious pearls” of divine truth from Proverbs, and applies them to a broad range of human experiences, both profound and practical.

    There is an in-depth look at approximately forty key proverbs that touch on important topics such as attitudes, marriage, parenting, speech, motives, habits, judgments, mercy, faithfulness, envy, and many more.

    Precious Pearls from the Proverbs is a study guide for anyone who loves the Book of Proverbs and an impacting resource for ministers to use in their sermons.

    Everyone will become hungrier for wisdom after reading these “precious pearls.”

    About the Author:

    Greg Hinnant, author of Walking in His Ways, Walking on Water, Spiritual Truths for Overcoming Adversity, and Daniel Notes, is a teacher, writer, pastor, and expositor of the Word. Called to teach New Testament discipleship and to minister to ministers, Greg has ministered both in America and abroad. He is an instructor with Christian Life School of Theology (Columbus, Georgia) and has had many articles published in The Evangelist (Evangelical Tract Distributors-Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), The Herald of His Coming (USA), Joy! magazine (South Africa), and other Christian periodicals. Greg resides in High Point, North Carolina.

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  • Hinnant, founder of Greg Hinnant Ministries in High Point, North Carolina, is the author of several books, including Walking in His Ways, Walking on Water, DanielNotes: An Inspirational Commentary on the Book of Daniel, and recently released Word Portraits, all from Creation House.

    • ISBN-10: 159185900X
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781591859000
    • Number Of Pages: 304
    • Publisher: Charisma House
    • Imprint: Creation House
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    • Publication Date: 20051028
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