Did You Think to Pray? + Total Forgiveness + Pure Joy


Pray Daily - Forgive Others - Receive Joy!

Did You Think to Pray? How To Listen And Talk To God Everyday About Everything

You will better understand what prayer is, why it is so important, and how you can overcome the obstacles that prevent you from doing it. Learn how to make prayer the foundation of your life…you can only benefit from spending more time with God.

Pure Joy: Receiving God's Gift Of Gladness In Every Trial

In the familiar down-to-earth and thoroughly biblical style for which he is so loved, R. T. Kendall unpacks the joy that is a gift of God for all Christians.Joy in the face of extreme trial, the joy which comes in time, the joy of God's esteem, and rejoicing in the Lord are just some of the themes explored in a wonderful book of encouragement and inspiration.

Total Forgiveness

One of the core messages of the gospel is that of total forgiveness…not only that we can be totally forgiven by God, but also that we must, in turn, totally forgive others. Our culture is bound up in bitterness, resentment, and wallowing in wounds inflicted upon us by others, wounds that we all too easily accept and even cling to! Find the motivation to forgive others.

This bundle will help you live in pure joy in every situation, forgive others and talk to God daily about everything.


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