Race, Faith, and Politics

7 Political Questions That Every African American Christian Must Answer

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  • In analyzing the current political and social landscape, it appears that African Americans who are born-again Christians are firmly planted in two vastly different worlds at war with each other. Is it possible for African American Christians to reconcile their love for Christ, love for culture, and love for country? 

    In Race, Faith, and Politics: 7 Questions Every African American Christian Must Answer, author and minister Christopher Signil encourages you to reflect upon and solidify your position on controversial social and political issues. He provides the tools to help you clearly define where you stand while staying true to your country, your culture, and your Creator.
  • Christopher Signil is a licensed minister who has served in a wide range of ministerial assignments. He has a bachelor of arts in political science from Virginia State University, and has completed graduate study at the John Glenn Institute at The Ohio State University in public administration. He has a master’s in political management from George Washington University, and certificate in external studies from Valor Christian College.
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