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  • "In twelve weeks, you can regain vital health!" -Dr. Joe Elrod Dr. Joe M. Elrod, the world's leading expert on fibromyalgia and author of the best-selling book Reversing Fibromyalgia, helps you take your healing to the next level! 

    Learn how to be healthy for life!
    •De-stress your body •Eat healthy and still enjoy eating •Become more active •Detoxify and cleanse the body •Take the best nutritional supplements •Restore restful deep sleep ...even during the stressful and painful times of your life.Take the Challenge to change! Dr. Elrod shows you which foods promote optimal healing. Learn the right way to add vitamins, minerals and herbs to your diet, and you could be well on your way to good health. "After being struck with fibromyalgia, I struggled with terrible pain, stiffness, headaches and depression-I felt trapped in my own body. Prescribed medications helped the pain but caused miserable side effects. After two weeks of implementing Dr. Elrod's natural healing protocol, the results were amazing! I felt alive again, like I just woke up from another life-it was working!"

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