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  • Victory over the flesh is within your grasp!  You love the Lord-so why can't you gain lasting victory over that one recurring sin?  You've prayed for help and tried everybody's 10-point plan, but you find yourself back on your knees, asking God to forgive you for doing the thing you said you'd never do again. 

    Are you going to live with this misery forever?  No! says Christian physician Clark Gerhart.  In this fascinating new perspective on our fallen human nature, Dr. Gerhart explains what lies behind strongholds and how sin uses the body's God-given systems to urge you to continue in these behaviors. He then shows how God's work of sanctification can lead you into victory and peace. No longer will you be a slave to the pressure that drives you to the old disobedience. No longer will the flesh keep you in wretched defeat. Once you are free of the sin that so easily entangles, you'll even be equipped to minister to those around you.

    If you have ever longed to enjoy Christian freedom, this message will help you:
    •Understand the surprising link between stubborn sin and your body's processes •Discover the common root of every recurring sin and what to do about it •Identify repeated patterns of behavior in your life as signs of control by the flesh •Grasp how the flesh is behind current and biblical events •Learn the simple process that brings God's cleansing power

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