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  • When what you thought was secure begins to crumble... what will you cling to?
    ntLife has never been more uncertain. Changes are happening faster than we can react to them. Everywhere we turn, the evening news, the morning newspaper, or the casual conversation with a close friend, it seems that things have never been as bad as they are right now. The truth is the world has been here before, even if we have not. 
    ntIn Shaken, Not Shattered, Pastor Matthew Hagee brings you a new perspective, showing you how to survive and prosper by living fully connected to the power of God. With engaging personal stories and biblical examples, he demonstrates how you can…
    nt•Reconnect with your original design
    nt•Persevere and be confident through your trials
    nt•Find freedom in worship
    nt•Choose a life of joy
    nt•Leave behind a strong legacy
    nt•And more...
    nt nt
    nt“You were created in the express image of God. That’s no small thing. No matter who you are, and regardless of what you are going through, you have nothing to fear. The world around you may be trembling, but nothing in your life needs to shatter.” --Matthew Hagee

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