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  • It’s been the greatest murder cover up of all time.  He didn’t make it look like an accident, or perfectly conceal the evidence.  All he did was wait silently as the circumstances closed in on her and let her fall into the trap.  Eve ate the deadly fruit while Adam didn’t say a word.  The results were the greatest human tragedy of all time—the invention of death itself.  And although he participated in the sin himself in the cover-up for his plot he shifted the blame to the woman. 

    Effectively, for generation after generation, people have believed this lie and half the population remains, shamed, blamed, and oppressed because of it.  However, investigation into the scriptures reveals a new light into this story.  It shows a callous deception and betrayal during a war over the souls of humanity.  The lies and the truth are separated as God’s plan is revealed with a covenant made with Eve’s seed.  Women have been under attack in an attempt to take control of that seed to steal from her the promised inheritance from God, but there also remains a plan for women to overcome their enemies and arise as the warrior bride.  

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