The Agenda

The homosexual plan to change America

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  • Restore the foundations of moral order in America!

    Homosexual activists want their sexual lifestyles to be a civil right, but did you know that they seek to silence the truth about homosexuality and abolish moral judgment in any form? The Agenda takes you inside the culture war, exposing the shocking methods of the "gay" campaign and the strategies homosexual activists are employing to transform American society radically. Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, a prominent voice exposing the homosexual rights movement for thirty-three years, reveals their agenda and how it impacts Christianity, the business community, public schools, the church, and the media.

    Discover the powerful answers to these thought-provoking questions:

    • How and when did the homosexual movement get started?
    • How did militant homosexual activists force the American Psychiatric Association to abandon its official policy that classified same-sex attraction as a mental disorder?
    • How have the resources of the public health system and funds designated for AIDS research been co-opted by homosexual activists to promote their lifestyle to America's children?
    • Why is same-sex marriage a bad idea?

    You can help restore the moral fabric of the nation. This timely book will inform and motivate you to get involved in stopping the radical transformation of American culture and protecting future generations from the destructive forces of the homosexual agenda.

  • Rev. Louis P. Sheldon is the founder and chairman of Traditional Values Coalition, the largest nondenominational, grassroots church lobby in America. Comprised of more than 43,000 participating churches, the coalition conducts a lobbying effort in Washington DC. A graduate of Michigan State and Princeton Theological Seminary, and an ordained minister for forty-five years, Sheldon has been featured regularly on national radio and TV.

    • ISBN-10: 1591857961
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781591857969
    • Number Of Pages: 224
    • Publisher: Charisma House
    • Imprint: Charisma House
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    • Publication Date: 20050714
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