The Church Life Model

A Biblical Pattern for the Spirit-Filled Church

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  • The Church Life Model offers a comprehensive, progressive explanation of the facets of church life, and provides methods for applying the model to your local church in order to increase effectiveness and productivity. Drs. Wayne and Sherry Lee identify and discuss several truths about the church, in order to educate and strengthen pastors and leaders so they, in turn, will strengthen and build up the body of Christ.

    This universal, Spirit-filled model addresses both the global and specific components of the church, and is as relevant to infant churches as it is to churches of thousands. The Church Life Model is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to connect with God in meaningful ways through the daily functions of spiritual life.

  • Wayne H. Lee, D.Min., is known as “friend” and “mentor” among leaders. Following his life mission to build spiritual leaders, he has invested much of his four decades of ministry service providing resources to renew and strengthen churches, pastors, and ministry leaders. As the founder and lead consultant of Church Life Resources, LLC in Lakeland, Florida, Wayne has pioneered a model and a process that brings unusual spiritual insight, clarity, in-depth assessment, health, and advancement to the local Spirit-filled church.

    Sherry B. Lee, D.Min., exhibits spiritual vitality seasoned with experience. Her multifaceted roles as educator, staff pastor, and leader of spiritual formation have served to support her life mission of empowering others for service in the kingdom of God. Sherry is the co-founder and a lead consultant of Church Life Resources, LLC. She and her husband, Wayne, partner to create resources and train ministry leaders in Church Life.

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