The Deborah Annointing

Michelle McClain-Walters

Be inspired by Deborah, an incredible prophetess of God.

The Deborah Anointing: Embracing the Call to Be a Woman of Wisdom and Discernment

 The Old Testament describes Deborah as a mighty combination of judge, intercessor, prophetess, mother of Israel, and military strategist. Deborah broke outside of her culture—not out of rebellion, but in obedience to God to set her people free.

As in biblical times God is calling today’s women to a purpose greater than themselves. The Deborah Anointing shows you that although you may have been trapped in tradition and locked into captivity by cultural and gender prejudices, God desires for you to break through these barriers. Now is the time to embrace the fullness of your purpose!

Whatever your sphere of influence at work, at home, or at church—accept the challenge to be a modern-day Deborah, stand for God, and boldly lead others to Him!


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