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  • Embracing God’s Promises on Life and Giving

    This practical guide on giving provides a panoramic overview of self-management and financial faithfulness.

    Learn to be a good steward of money and enjoy the responsibilities, opportunities, and stunning blessings of a life surrendered to timeless biblical principles.

    Two key concepts that summarize the essence of The Desires of Your Heart are:

    1. Tithing is a principle, not a commandment. 2. Tithing is not “magic,” but needs to be part and parcel of our life as steward during our stay on earth.

    Author and pastor Tom Gardener states:

    “My central purpose for writing this book is to show how giving tithes and offerings is an integral part of our worship to God,” Gardner says. “Even before I wrote the first word in this book, I was certain of one thing: tithing or not tithing has nothing to do with our salvation. Zero. It does, however, have everything to do with our fruitfulness. Our view of money has a direct bearing on our daily relationship with God. Will we put Him first?”

    Gardner, an articulate Christian leader, pulls no punches in offering practical insights and common sense applications on this important biblical theme. His approach is refreshing as he explains that the subject of money in the church world is loaded with emotion, legalism, fear, nonsense, and borderline religious magic.

    Gardner not only touches on the subject of money but also on issues of life and of the heart. He explains: “The heart is a person’s very center—the core and substance of who we really are. And the desires of our heart are all about those things that we truly value, not just the things we say we value.”

    For further study and reflection, chapter summaries and questions are provided at the end of the book.

    About the Author
    Tom Gardner is the senior pastor of Sunshine Hills Foursquare Church in Delta, British Columbia (Canada). He grew up in Dover, Ohio and immigrated to Canada in 1974. Tom earned a BA from the University of British Columbia and has served on the National Board of the Foursquare Church of Canada. He is married to Lottie and has four daughters who are all serving the Lord in ministry.

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