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  • God is calling you to a special place ....a wonderful place, where you can abandon yourself to be with Him, a place where you can hear from Him and sense His very presence. Mike Yrigoyen, whose ministry is prayer and prophecy, offers a unique collection of writings that reveal the Father's great love for His children. The scriptures and prophetic words show that the Lord of the Bible is unchanging as He reveals His own heart and truths for these times. Just as Jesus encountered - and yielded to - His heavenly Father in the Garden of Gethsemane, so are you called to an encounter with your heavenly Father, who knows your life and His own great desires for you and for His bride - the church. COME AND ENCOUNTER: God's unconditional love God's awesome Word for you - through His Scripture God's direction for your life - through the author's profound prophetic words COME AND FIND: There is more of God than we yet know. It is time to return to God and awaken to His eternal purposes in our lives.

    About the author:

    Mike Yrigoyen, a graduate of San Jose State University, has been involved in teaching and prophetic ministry since 1997, with the Lord speaking through him to the church. Mike and his wife, Janet, have been married for nineteen years. They have two children, Lisa and Daniel. Born, raised, and having lived most of his adult life in the Bay Area of California, Mike now resides with his family in Franklin, Tennessee.

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