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  • Roaring the message of biblical truths. After receiving a vision from the Lord at age 37, author Betty Liber wrote the twenty-four chapter The Lamb Will Not Be Silenced, filled with divine wisdom and insightful teachings. Each chapter-a new message Liber received from the still, small voice of God-is full of both warnings and redemption. Readers will go beyond religion to unearth biblical truths, such as finding the kingdom of God and enduring through Satan’s stumbling blocks. Liber also warns against twenty-first century Pharisees, and dispels New Age myths, all while rediscovering the gift of laughter and joy that are from the Lord. Noting that the Bible is more than simply a history book, these pages include beautiful poems and applicable prayers to complement teachings, thus touching reader’s minds as well as their hearts.

    About the Author:

    Betty Liber is of German descent, and is a fourth-generation Lutheran. Her sister and she were raised by their grandparents after the death of their father. The Holy Spirit awakened in her when she was fourteen, and she grew by God’s grace into a spiritual level of peace. The impetus of her life is to share the message in this book with as many people as possible, and draw them into God’s kingdom. Her writings are not about her, but about the message of Jesus. Betty and her husband, Leroy Liber, have two sons, two daughters, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. When Betty is not writing, she enjoys art, and playing the violin and piano.

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