The Master Mentor

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  • If the apostle Paul were to visit our churches and Christian gatherings today, it is probable that he would scratch his head and ask many of us (as he did believers in the first century): “Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?” (Acts 19:2). The current void of the powerful, priceless gifts of the Spirit in the church reveals an appalling ignorance of the blessing Christ poured out to enrich and empower His people.
    To fill that void, The Master Mentor provides both an easy-to-follow guide and a hope-filled invitation for the church to rediscover Pentecost. The Rev. Marvin Gorman, a Pentecostal preacher and a pastor for almost forty years, thoroughly explains the Spirit’s gifts one by one and with real-life examples illustrates each gift’s immense value to the church.
    So if you want more of God, turn the page to discover how you can receive the gifts of the Spirit as Christ intended. Prepare to be challenged and blessed! 
  • Marvin Gorman trains pastors and leaders and is actively involved in missions worldwide. He has preached God’s Word for more than sixty years and pastored churches with his wife, Virginia, for almost forty years. As pastors of First Assembly of God in New Orleans, Louisiana, they grew the congregation from one hundred members to more than 6,000. His heart-cry is to bring the lost to Jesus, heal the sick, and restore the broken. 
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    • Publisher: Charisma House
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