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  • The Only One in the Room is a serious treatment on the subject of race in America, exploring why the problems persist, and what Christ-followers must do to help our nation heal.
    Throughout his life, especially while working as a high-profile professional in the Midwest, author Milton Thompson was often the only African American in his circles. A minister and educator, he uses the backdrop of his personal journey to skillfully and knowledgeably assess where we’ve been as a nation, and where we are now.
    The Only One in the Room crosses several literary genres, and offers readers ~
    • The moving story of a remarkable African American family
    • Provocative social and political commentary
    • An intimate look at an enduring love story
    • Biblical hope and inspiration  
    Thompson says he’s become more reflective about race as he’s gotten older. He possesses a seasoned, gracious, and godly perspective, which is just what we need right now.

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