The Reluctant Christian

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  • Every Day You Wake Up in Faith Is an Opportunity for God to Work Within You!

    From his own drug addiction to an adulterous, demon-filled wife, there is little that Douglas Wright has not witnessed in his life.

    Raised in a Christian home as the son of a pastor, Wright began his downfall with drugs at age twelve. Over the course of twenty-two years he found himself embroiled in DUIs, car accidents, stints behind bars, arrests for drugs possession, marriage problems, adultery, and all the consequences that each brings.

    He shares his story of being a prodigal son and the hardships he faced even after returning to God. His story of restoration teaches that God’s forgiveness will empower you to receive freedom from the chains of anger, bitterness, and hatred.

    About the Author
    Douglas Wright is a deacon at First Regular Baptist Church in Dresden, Ontario, where his father has been the pastor for over thirty-six years. Since 1991 he has been giving his testimony at schools, youth groups, and churches. His message is that all things are possible for those who love and trust the Lord. Douglas and his wife, Michelle, have two children and one grandson.

  • Wright grew up in the church but strayed beginning at age 12. During a 22-year span in which he habitually abused drugs and alcohol, he suffered through many of the things brought on by addiction: DUIs, car accidents, short stints behind bars, arrests for possession of drugs, marriage problems, adultery, and other life problems. Now that he is sober, his dream is to help people, especially in the marriage department.

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