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  • Millions of people watch ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, in which hopeful entrepreneur-contestants give their all to convince blue-blood billionaires and millionaires to invest in their dreams and turn them into reality.
    From producer Mark Burnett, a Christian known for his TV series The Bible and A.D., Shark Tank also includes compelling themes about life’s nonmaterial attainments, such as grace and salvation, penalty and punishment.
    The Shark TankTheology extracts these and other themes from the show to give you an excellent collection of talking points for introducing Christ to people. Pastors or youth leaders can use the book imaginatively to create evangelism series, adding clips from the program as visuals that drive home major points.
    If you enjoy Shark Tank, you will surely enjoy applying The Shark TankTheology to help people make an eternal connection between real-life TV and real life in Jesus.

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