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  • Get ready for armed combat!
    Weapons training for the fight of your life...
    Twelve-year-old Corey Stewart is snoozing in Sunday School class, having totally tuned out from the lesson being taught. What possible relevance does the Bible's talk about old-fashioned armor have to life in the 21st century?
    After all, a breastplate won't stop a bullet.
    Pitched unexpectedly into a dramatic encounter with members of the elite Eagle’s Wings Team, Corey discovers the timeless power and importance of the spiritual armor described in Ephesians 6 by the Apostle Paul.
    Join this young Christian as he learns how to wear and wield the special equipment God has given to believers to ensure their victory over sin and the devil.
    Follow as Corey trains under the watchful eye of Lieutenant, and understand how faith, prayer, and praise will enable you to defeat the enemy.
    This is inspiring youth fiction with real-life application!

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