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Are You Tired of Being Beat Up by The Devil? Satan Only Has the Power You Give Him

You have authority in the name of Jesus to wage victorious warfare against the enemy, but many of us are nevertheless unsuccessful in battle. That's because we must learn a different form of spiritual warfare -- waging prophetic warfare.

In Waging Prophetic Warfare: Effective Prayer Strategies to Defeat the Enemy, Jennifer LeClaire explains many prophetic strategies the Holy Spirit uses to lead you into triumph, including prophetic intercession, prophetic dreams and visions, prophetic acts, prophetic declarations, and waging war with the prophetic word. 

Through this compelling teaching you will learn:
  • The most effective way to engage in spiritual warfare
  • What prophetic "weapons" to use to defeat the devil
  • How prophetic warfare strategies can help you overcome spiritual attacks
  • How to win at spiritual warfare with new strategies!

In The Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan, Jennifer LeClaire discloses about pestering spirits and reveals their agendas. She tells how they operate against you and provides strategies for resisting them. A literal onslaught of principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual hosts of wickedness is working overtime to fulfill Satan’s mission in your life. This book will help set you free by shining light on darkness that many don’t know exists.

Victory belongs to us when we follow the Holy Spirit’s battle plan!




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