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Anna Rountree’s Vision: The Pit of Hell

Anna Rountree’s Vision: The Pit of Hell

The following is an excerpt from Anna Rountree’s ‘The Warrior King’ and the vision she had where she was taken on a journey with one of God’s angels through hell to defeat the satanic kingdom.

Darkness—I could not see where Ruah, the angel, had taken me. There was a dank smell—like mold from a closed, wet cellar.

“We will begin here, Anna,” Ruah said in a hushed tone.
My eyes began to adjust to the deep gloom. We were in the Lord’s sheepfold in Mid Heaven. It was a safe “keep” provided by the Lord for His own in that corrupted stratum. A chill ran through me. I knew I could not be attacked here, but I felt exposed—like being in a glass house with an axe murderer prowling around outside.

Involuntarily, I stepped backward. As the back of my legs touched the lone bench in the area, I half stumbled, half fell onto the low seating.

Ruah did not address my concerns but began His instructions: “You will wear the cloak of invisibility that you received above, but not the shoes.”

I had received the cloak when I first went to Heaven, along with a pair of shoes. Both rendered me invisible. But those shoes had no soles in them. That was to allow me to touch the heavenly realm. But now I needed protection from all parts of this corrupted stratum. I needed the shoes provided in the sheepfold. Without looking, I reached beneath the bench for the shoes I had worn before. As soon as my hand felt what seemed to be porpoise skin, I pulled them out and began to put them onto my feet.

“Do not fear, Anna,” Ruah continued, “they will not see us, or smell us, or hear us—for I will speak to you inside your spirit—where they are not granted access.”

As I finished donning the shoes, I looked up nervously.
“If you are ready, we will go,” He said in a gentle tone.
I smiled into His faceless face and stood. Then, I took a deep breath, and as I exhaled, we were invisible.

Immediately—as if we were sucked backward through a tube, Ruah set us down in what seemed to be the main hallway of some enormous structure. He had not said where we were going. But, since I was turned backward, I used that advantage to get my bearings. I could see through an opened doorway part of the vast moat that encircled Satan’s castle. My breath caught, “Oh God,” I said within myself, “we are right in his castle.”

I felt a hand upon my shoulder and Ruah’s calming voice: “Steady, Anna.” I took a deep breath. I wanted to believe that I could pass through this unscathed. Therefore, I settled down and focused my attention on my surroundings.

Suddenly we entered what looked like an enormous rotunda with many dark passageways leading from it—twisting and turning into the shadows.

The top of a huge tree took up a good deal of the space. It was in full leaf and had large sacks of fruit hanging from its branches. The fruit was like none I had ever seen, though. It made me ill to look at it—for it was flesh—raw flesh … and the blood that was traveling throughout the castle was going into the branches that supplied this fruit.

Ruah spoke to me, “This is the blood of aborted children,” He said, “and those sacrificed on the altar of Satan. Even as prayers rise to God, unrighteous slaughter empowers the fallen one.”

Within the expansive hall, thrones were set up with one throne elevated on a mound of human skulls. These thrones were also created from human bones, with black velvet cushions to soften their sharp edges.

There—brooding on the elevated throne was the evil, fallen angel himself. He had black hair that glinted with greens and blues like raven feathers and wore black velvet. The velvet must have been impregnated with jewels, for the gems caught the light with each movement. He had unwholesomely long, sharp nails that appeared unclean from digging into putrid flesh, it looked like, for there was a stench about them.

His clothing may have been elegant, but flies crawled freely in and out of all open areas: nose, mouth, corners of the eyes. I shivered in revulsion. It made me wonder what diseases were hidden beneath that finery. But you knew, if you were close enough, all the finery in the world would not cover the smell of rot.

His chin was propped up with one hand, and the other hand was soundlessly drumming those overly long nails.

Strangely, his face was beautiful … cold … dangerous … devoid of light, but beautiful. With laser-like focus, he listened to the cries coming from the blood of those sacrificed to him. He was poised like an animal ready to pounce—tense.

Then he smiled—a ghastly grimace—and as if he were a black hole, he sucked all light into himself—all joy, peace, love, hope, and expectancy.

Suddenly, a cacophony of sounds shrilled through the passageways—blasting the tormented silence. I turned to look toward the conflicting sounds. In all their feathered and jeweled finery, false gods began to crowd the entry halls, their personal musicians saluting their arrival with all manner of instruments—unfortunately, loudly playing different music at the same time, therefore clashing as they tried to outdo one another. It was music played as a weapon.

There were so many high demons crowding into my sight that I could only mentally register a few.

Satan raised His body on the throne and spoke so quietly that I could barely hear him: “Silence.” The sound of the clashing instruments and noisy drumming stopped.

Instantly, the hideous creatures began to change before my eyes. They morphed into tall gaunt angels dressed in black, heavy with gold and bejeweled with ceremonial regalia, that I supposed showed their rank in this demonic realm. As they moved toward their thrones, they reached for the low hanging fruit from the tree. It was as casual a gesture as selecting hors d’oeuvres from a party platter. It was chilling to watch them bite into the flesh dripping with blood. I had to look away for they consumed the flesh with such relish.

Satan observed them carefully. I could feel the tension between them all. Many of them had taken over parts of the other’s territory by fomenting wars and aggressions on the earth. These fallen angels were not friends. They ruled by control, domination, and terror. Guile and bitter gall had poisoned them. They had stabbed each other in the back as often as they dared and would bring down Satan if any one of them got the chance. They only worked together because together they were more powerful. In watching them, you felt that they were working together now to bring down their great enemy, our God, but after they had taken dominion, they would fight among themselves for rule.

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