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Beware of the Seven Abominations

Beware of the Seven Abominations

All abominations produce generational curses. So distasteful to God that He calls them abominable. To those of you reading this right now, you might have never connected these seven to initiating a curse but scripture is clear, they can and will cause a curse to be activated. Repentance is necessary to see these generational curses broken, and they are not to be taken lightly as they have major consequences and implications that can last for generations. That’s why it’s so important to break these curses, something I discuss in the hit movie Come Out in Jesus Name. For now, let’s dive in and look at the six abominations that are proven to bring generational curses.

Proverbs 6:16-19 ESV:
“There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.”

1. Haughty Eyes
In the above passage the term “haughty eyes” denotes the act of looking down on people. The Hebrew word for haughty is denotes: arrogant, conceited, pompous. So, to have haughty eyes is viewing oneself as better than others. This can be for many reasons, finances, family pedigree, education, etc. Where one feels better than someone else.

2. Lying Tongue
Bearing false witness about oneself. Usually directed as misleading others about oneself. Everyone lies, and usually some lies can be perceived as lies and are quickly not believed by the hearers. but then, there are some lies spoken by individuals that who whole cultures and systems are built around them.

3. Shedding Innocent Blood
The shedding of innocent blood goes beyond abortion. Though abortion fits in the above sin and will produce a generation curse (abortion is murder) it is much more. History shows that the murder of innocent people has been around a long time. From the murder of Uriah the Hittite (when David murdered him to cover up his sin of Adultery with his wife). The murder of Naboth when Jezebel had hired accusers to have him killed, in order to take his vineyard to give it to her husband King Ahab. This particular killing moved heaven so much that God had had enough of Jezbel and began laying out a plan to kill her. On the day when King Ahab went to claim his vineyard for himself, the Lord told Ahab through the prophet Elijah “I’m going to kill you and your wife jezebel” (1 Kings 21:1-25) all throughout history we find the shedding the innocent blood, even as going as far back as Cain and Abel. Actually, Cain’s sin in shedding his brother’s innocent blood caused the Lord to curse Cain.

4. Wicked Plans
This is particular sin takes on a different form. As its more strategic plan in place for some future benefit. Some plans can take decades to come to take effect. There are evil regimes and governments that set plans in order that in the future, they become the sole benefactors of such plans. Whole countries are dominated by such wicked plans. Thus, generations of poverty are created. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any curses where wicked plans have been in effect in your family bloodline and begin the process of breaking them.

5. Running to evil
Today’s society is given over to quickly running to do evil without first investigating. People on social media are quick to heckle, criticize, defame each other without considering who its affecting. If you’re a person given over to gang of gossip against a person, are you quick to join other in conversation that isn’t pleasing to God? Do you have inexplicable enjoyment of watching the demise of others around you, or does your family history show this particular pattern of behavior in family members?
Heaven requires us to think on things that are lovely, true, full of virtue and praise. (Philippians 4) and to refrain from being quick to run to things that don’t please God.

6. False witness
The word translated as “false” is a Hebrew word implying intentional falsification or deception. It assumes a deliberate desire to mislead or distort information, presumably for one’s own selfish gain or profit. All false witnessing is a lie, but not all lies are false witnesses in the sense that not all lies affect the reputation of other persons and the judgment of that person in the sight of still other people. Bearing false witness is a huge sin in the courtroom of heaven. It’s abominable!! It not only affects the person whom the false witness is against but also affects everyone connected to them. The ripple of effects of bearing false witness against someone can outlast a person’s lifetime and still affect the family members who are still alive.

7. Sowing discord
This particular sin is self-explanatory. I won’t spend much time here cause we all are aware just how much heaven hates discord amongst brethren. I can’t emphasize enough just how abominable discord is. The Bible says that when brethren dwell together in unity it causes the commanded blessing to come down. The opposite is the same. When family, married couples, church, country, etc… have discord amongst each other, then the blessing is cut off! God can’t bless what’s not united. But woe to the person that causes such discord. no other sin on this list of sins even hates more than this one. Why? Discord first originated with Satan. Lucifer’s rebellion caused a third part of the angels of heaven to join his rebellion and were cast out.
While most of the church look for the obvious sins. No one has thought to look at these particular sins that the Bible does call “abominations” I genuinely believe that most believers either are presently violating one or more of these seven sins or have ignorantly done so in the past.

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