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Global Leaders of Anti-Trafficking Organization Share The Astonishing, Gritty Reality of Ministry and Liberation for Women and Children Trapped in Human Trafficking

Global Leaders of Anti-Trafficking Organization Share The Astonishing, Gritty Reality of Ministry and Liberation for Women and Children Trapped in Human Trafficking

Lake Mary, FL— Anti-trafficking organization members from Project Rescue are sharing their story and the testimonials of those whose lives have been changed in the book, From Horror to Hope: Inspiring Stories of Project Rescue and a Global Movement to Bring Freedom to Survivors of Sexual Exploitation (ISBN 978-1-63641-148-4, Charisma House). The book, written by Project Rescue co-founders David and Beth Grant, and Jonathan and Jennifer Barratt, CEO of Project Rescue Foundation and executive director of Project Rescue respectively, detail how this unconventional, diverse group of people came together to put an end to the exploitation of women and children in some of the most desolate and underserved areas of the world in both Southern Asia and Europe.

Over the past 25 years, Project Rescue’s leaders have given their lives completely over to the cause of ending this physical, psychological, and spiritual bondage and bringing the freedom of Christ to those in desperate need of hope and eternal life. Many of them took time out of often impossible schedules for interviews and provided the stories on which this book is based. The stories in this book are their stories.

In their latest promotional video, David Grant and Jennifer Barratt share their heart behind From Horror to Hope. Grant says, “We’re on a mission to rescue and restore victims of sexual slavery through the love and power of God.”

In the early days of Project Rescue, leaders asked themselves one critical question that would change the course of their lives forever: “If organized crime can work together for evil purposes of greed, injustice, and exploitation, why can’t good people—God’s people—work together across denominations, organizations, and borders for God’s great purposes of justice, freedom, and healing?” It is this philosophy of piercing through the darkness with light that has transformed and changed the trajectory of thousands of lives. 

 “No one,” David Grant says, “no sexually exploited woman, man or child has a story so dark or difficult that it cannot be redeemed.”

Project Rescue continues to pray together, share resources together, and fight hell on behalf of God’s violated sons and daughters as they celebrate the hard-won victories of rescue and restoration together. “As important and life-changing as the work in the red-light districts of the world has been, perhaps training the trainers is one of the most strategic aspects of Project Rescue’s ministry today,” writes Beth Grant.

From Horror to Hope is released by Charisma House, which publishes books that challenge, encourage, teach, and equip Christians.

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 David and Beth Grant, founders of Project Rescue, have built and served a devoted network of highly skilled colleagues around the world who share a passionate commitment to survivors of sexual exploitation on their journey toward restoration. The Grants firmly believe that no one—no sexually exploited woman or child—has a story so dark, difficult, or troubled that it cannot be redeemed through the love and power of God. This message of hope has marked their twenty-five-year mission to rescue and restore victims of sexual exploitation.

Jonathan and Jennifer Barratt, CEO of Project Rescue Foundation, and executive director of Project Rescue, respectively, are committed to seeing hope restored in the lives of survivors of sexual exploitation. As they pave the way forward, their shared goal is to enable the Project Rescue network to grow exponentially, increase its presence in areas devastated by sexual exploitation, and provide more access to critical, trauma-informed training for local leaders. While the methods and strategies developed will be tailored to each local context, the permeating commitment to Project Rescue’s founding mission and values will never change.

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