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The Stage Has Been Set for Revival

The Stage Has Been Set for Revival

It's Our Turn Now

A golden opportunity is churning amid America's moral and physical disaster. The call from God is clear and strong: "Come and let Me make you fit to seize this golden opportunity." The Spirit of God is telling us it is our turn now.

Political, corporate, and media villains have had their day and their say. It is our turn now. It is our turn now because the misery caused by the Let and Wokeness will ignite the largest influx of conversions to Christ we have seen in our lifetime. The billions of dollars spent to erase the Christian faith will prove to be an utter waste. We are entering a season where Christian influence in America will greatly increase.

He who hold power to reverse plots, make plans backfire, and boomerang the wrath of man has been quietly working. Soon His handiwork will be revealed. It is a massive harvest of souls that are being ripened by misery, corruption, and tyranny. How do I know this is true? Because I have already seen it.

California, COVID-19, and Revival

At the height of a pandemic lockdown—in California, the bluest state in America—thousands were being converted to Christ.

You can barely get Californians to a Christian meeting when it is convenient. But then they started coming during a lockdown. It filled me with questions: Why were they overflowing the tent now that leaving their house was almost impossible? What was happening? Why was it happening?

"It is our turn now." That phrase kept repeating in my heart. It was a clue of some kind. The feeling kept growing within that I would witness some great event. Then the scales fell off my eyes.

I began to realize that, as glorious as our tent crusades are, they are only a small part of a great and widespread phenomenon brewing nationwide. That is why I believe there is an urgent warning from the throne of God to get ready for harvest. Yes, evil i exalted in America. Yes, it looks bad for the church. Indeed, those who control the teleprompters have a clear message: "Christians have no place in the America we are building. You are not wanted—and soon, you will be discarded."

But listen to Jesus in John 4:35, "Do you not say, "There are still four months and then comes the harvest'? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!"

Jesus is telling anyone who would listen that the harvest is now. Do not think more must happen before we harvest souls. Do not look at the frightening pictures. Look with spiritual eyes to the fields. The images of hatred and rejection do not tell the real story. You can see something wonderful if you look beyond the stage props.

My claim that leftists and atheists are setting us up for a harvest of souls is not a knee-jerk outburst; it is a settles conviction. The evidence is all around us. There is no need to set the thermostat to hyperemotional.

We Must Discern the Times

Fear grips a weary nation. Dreadful questions crash into us like angry waves. How can America recover from the ravages of the last few years? Can any nation survive the multiple lashes of a pandemic, an avalanche of perversion, and total division, violence, and hatred? What about devastations planned by mega-billionaires? Did a handful of villains who own much of the planet orchestrate these calamities to beat America into global submission? If they shackle us in their chains, will we ever escape? No nation that has lost its freedom has ever regained it.

These are harsh questions, but the real question we should be asking is this: what if the things we fear most are creating the perfect climate for mass conversions to Christianity?

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