Radical Forgiveness

God's Call to Unconditional Love

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  • Recover the true beauty of Christianity as found in forgiveness.
    If Christianity is to be a compelling and relevant voice in the twenty-first century, it needs a fresh message. Not a new innovation or novel interpretation, but a return to our roots. For if Christianity is not about forgiveness, it’s about nothing at all.

    Beginning with the horror of the Holocaust, Radical Forgiveness explores what forgiveness means--and how far it should go--in the real world of rape, child abuse, genocide, and other atrocities. With honesty and compassion Zahnd tackles questions such as...
    • Should we always forgive?
    • Is forgiveness always even possible?
    • Does forgiveness enable evil?
    • Does it sacrifice justice?
    • Are there ANY limits?

    Pushing you beyond intellectual exercises, Radical Forgiveness will challenge your thinking by juxtaposing absolutely bottom-line examples with the simple question: What would you do?

    Previously published as Unconditional?
  • Brian Zahnd is the author of Beauty Will Save the World and What to Do on the Worst Day of Your Life and the founding pastor of Word of Life Church,  a thriving congregation in St. Joseph, Missouri.
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