Father, Son, and the Other One

Experiencing the Holy Spirit as a Transforming, Empowering Reality in Your Life

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  • God’s Spirit Lives in You.
    Do you believe it? What’s more, are you experiencing His power in your life?
    All too often we settle for merely learning about God rather than experiencing the present reality of His Spirit. But you have access to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit right now and if you want to live out your Christian faith with vibrancy and authenticity, it is essential that you get to know Him.
    Father, Son, and the Other One addresses the vital importance of the Holy Spirit in your life and shows you how to experience His presence as a transforming, empowering reality.
    If you have ever wondered if the Christian faith is more than mere creeds, doctrines and denominations, or if you long to know that the Jesus of history still lives and dwells in you by the Spirit of God, or if you struggle to tap into God’s presence as a transforming, empowering reality, this book is for you.
  • Jeff Kennedy is the executive pastor of adult Ministries and discipleship at Eastpoint, a large and thriving church in the Pacific Northwest. He also serves as an adjunct professor of religion at Liberty University Online. He holds a BA in biblical literature, a master of religion, master of religious education, and is finishing a doctoral degree in discipleship. When he is not teaching, writing, training leaders, or grading papers, he is spending time with his wife and four happy children.
    • ISBN-10: 1621365107
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781621365105
    • Number Of Pages: 224
    • Publisher: Charisma House
    • Imprint: Charisma House
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    • Width: 5.5 in
    • Publication Date: 20140204
    • Language: English

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