In That Day

How Jesus is Revealing Himself to the Jewish People in These Last Days

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  • In That Day is Rabbi David Levine's poignant account of how Yeshua is gathering His people-past, present, and future-together into a rich tapestry that brings a clear understanding of what God is doing on the earth today among the Jews. Those who love Israel will find Rabbi Levine's insights exciting, prophetic, and full of promise. End-time prophecy is being fulfilled as Jewish people everywhere gather together in celebration of Jubilee and the fiftieth anniversary of the founding statehood of Israel. Find out how these events fit perfectly together in the Lord's plan to restore His people and His promises to them.

  • Dr. David Levine was born in New York, immigrated to Israel in 1971 and served in the Israeli Army during 1980-83. He received the Ph.D. (1998) and M.A. (1991) in Talmud from Hebrew University, the M.A. in Jewish Studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (1990), Rabbinical Ordination from the Seminary of Judaic Studies in Jerusalem (1988), and the B.A. in Jewish History and Talmud (1980). He received the Golda Meir Fellowship, Warburg Scholarship, and Urbach Award at Hebrew University and a Doctoral Fellowship from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.

    Dr. Levine has served as a Lecturer in Talmud at HUC-JIR in Jerusalem, Lecturer in Jewish History and Talmud at the Schechter Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Visiting Assistant Professor of Talmud and Rabbinics at JTS, and Instructor of Talmud in the Rothberg School for Overseas Students and in the Talmud Department at Hebrew University. His publications include Communal Fasts and Rabbinic Sermons - Theory and Practice in the Talmudic Period (Hebrew; 2001); and scholarly articles on responsa, Talmudic tradition, literature, and opinions, rituals, miracles, magic, rabbis and holy men in Talmudic antiquity, and Second Temple Judaism and the Hanukkah story. He is currently working on a book with Shlomo Fox on Values at War - The Land of Israel as a Moral Challenge.

    "As a leading emerging scholar, Dr. Levine represents the cutting-edge in the study of Jewish law," said Rabbi Ellenson. "His teaching, research, and mentorship will inspire all of our students on our Jerusalem campus, as they prepare for rabbinical careers as builders of Progressive Judaism in Israel and for lives of service as rabbis, cantors, and educators in North America and throughout the world."

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