How Insecurity Destroys Everything

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  • Without proper respect for ourselves, we don’t really live connected with God and others the way God has designed.

    During fourteen years of pastoral ministry Trinity Jordan has walked with a lot of people through their struggles. What he has noticed is that THIS is really about THAT in their lives. The THAT is almost always rooted in insecurity. Our unlove, lack of confidence, and acceptance of ourselves have alienated us from God and others. When Jesus says the greatest commandment is to love God and love others as we love ourselves--the key in that verse is us loving ourselves. Insecurity sabotages the abundant life God has for us here on earth.

    Sabotage deals with the root issues behind our insecurities, including comparing ourselves with others, lies we tell ourselves, discontent, and more. Addressing these issues will result in healthy relationships across the board--coworkers, church members, spouses, children, strangers, friends, family, and GOD.

  • Trinity Jordan is a lead church planting facilitator for the Church Multiplication Network and travels around the country speaking about missional living and church planting. He and his wife, Ami, founded Elevation Church in Layton, Utah, which now has 13 house churches, two locations, and 3,800 podcast subscribers. Trinity has a BA in Biblical Studies and Legal Studies from Evangel University.

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