When Pigs Move In

How to Sweep Clean the Demonic Influences Impacting Your Life and the Lives of Others

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  • Demons have come to kill, steal, and destroy.

    They take possession of lives, oppress believers and wreak havoc on the plans of God for His people. Could they be the source of YOUR struggles? Jesus did not say to counsel demons out or to medicate them out; He said, “Cast them out!” Every day, we give demons too much power when in fact, Jesus has given us authority to bind them and command them to leave.

    In When Pigs Move In, Don Dickerman delivers principles for deliverance, providing stories of men and women whose lives have been transformed because someone looked the devil right in the eye and commanded: “In Jesus’ name, get OUT!”

    Dickerman includes interviews and insight into such notable conversions as David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), Ed Ferncombe (one of Ireland’s worst criminals), and many others who have been delivered and set free.

  • Don Dickerman, a Southern Baptist minister, has directed an evangelistic ministry to prisons since 1974. Don received an anointing from the Lord Jesus to minister in the areas of deliverance and healing. Don has seen many receive deliverance and healing through his ministry. Graduated from a Baptist seminary and is an ordained Baptist minister, having pastored churches and working as an evangelist prior to answering God’s call to minister in prisons in 1974. Don is Spirit-filled, anointed, and has an exciting ministry both to prisons and churches.

    • ISBN-10: 1599794616
    • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781599794617
    • Number Of Pages: 240
    • Publisher: Charisma House (February 6, 2009)
    • Dimensions: 9 x 0.606 x 6 in
    • Language: English

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