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Anna Rountree: “There is but one God”

Anna Rountree: “There is but one God”

The following excerpt is from Anna Rountree’s ‘The Warrior King’ and the vision she had of declaring the gospel truth to a demonic entity.

It was very dark in the room to which the door gave me access. As my eyes adjusted from the market lights to the strange gloom, I realized that there were demons in black robes packed into this large area. On the walls, which I felt were moving (before I saw that, actually they were moving), were venomous Peacock Spiders ready to strike. Thousands of them were preening and dancing and eating one another. I pulled away from the walls.

“Come in,” a computer-generated voice said. The demons parted to allow me to move forward. I cringed as I walked toward the voice (not wanting to touch anything). As I walked, I thought: “How right that in a market filled with deception and unbelief that the one questioning me would not be real.”

Finally, I reached a small wooden table on which sat one of those large, black, 8 ball “oracles.” People used them as party games years ago. Supposedly you could ask it anything, tilt it, and it would answer.

The “Oracle” spoke: “You’re disappointed.”

“No,” I protested—“I was expecting . . . well, I don’t know what I was expecting.”

“Well,” the ball said archly, “I’m not just a pretty face.”

“No,” I half laughed at his critique of himself. This elicited hisses from the demons and threatening waves of colorful peacock behinds by the spiders.

“Oh, dear,” I said. Their reaction sobered me. I think until this point I had not felt that I was in danger. But I began to feel uneasy in the pit of my stomach.

“Well,” the ball snapped, “I suppose we can expect nothing better from someone like you.”

I was being baited. I thought it best to let it pass.

Finally I asked, “May we proceed?”

“Don’t be pushy,” the oracle snapped.

I gave a tight smile and held my ground.

Quickly the computer-generated voice cleared its throat and continued: “In your studies, you have found that, throughout history, most people groups develop a main god and a son of god—many even have a worldwide flood in their stories. They have different names, but all lead to generally the same conclusions. Therefore, if one is honest, Christianity is not unique. In the end, all of these ‘ways’ are essentially the same.7 To know this is to enter into that God-consciousness—written of in Psalm 82 in the texts you follow. It says: ‘You are gods.’8 “What say you?”

Internally I called out to God: “Let the Spirit of the Lord be upon me.” But the “oracle” was right. I had studied all the major religions. However, Christianity was not just a story meant to explain the mysteries of life; it is a relationship. It is a relationship with a living Person who walked the earth and is still alive in the spiritual realm. I know this Person. I know Him well, and I love Him. “Lord,” I prayed within myself, “be with me now.”

I looked back at the “oracle”. I felt the strength of the Lord’s courage rising up within me. “You greatly err in your understanding of the scripture. The truth is that it is also written that Jesus clarified the meaning of this passage in John 10:35.9 He spoke of the psalmist, the writer of Psalm 82, when Jesus said: ‘He called them gods to whom the word of God came...’ In other words, that is what the psalmist was calling the prophets.

“There is but one God.” Just saying this truth emboldened me.

“But of Himself, Jesus said: ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.’10 Our Father sent Him into the world to live, die, and live again to testify to the truth that He alone is the Way.”11

The legends of false gods are mankind’s way of explaining the story of our Savior written by our Heavenly Father in the stars. But the early fathers like Adam and Noah, who knew what was being told through the stars and planets, died out, and the clear story of the Messiah written above was lost in time, until Jesus Himself came to earth. He lived that which is written above. There is no other way. Just as there is no other way than the Father giving grace to someone born spiritually dead in order that they may have the opportunity to choose Christ and live.12 Today I am spiritually alive. I live because I have exchanged my “death” for His life. There is but one way to join the family of God, and that is through Jesus, “The Door”.

Suddenly, the girdle of truth tightened around my thighs—strengthening me to stand.

At the same time, bedlam broke out in the packed room. The hoods flew off the demons as shock fans flared from their necks like frilled lizards, and the aggressive Peacock Spiders attacked like lions—leaping in my direction.

But I disappeared through a trap door that must have been the exit, for I shot right out into the hall where Ruah, the angel, was waiting.

Still trembling as I stood, I said: “‘ANSWER AND YOU EXIT!’ Thank You, Lord.”

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