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Are You Falling For the Comparison Trap?

Are You Falling For the Comparison Trap?

Contentment is visible and seen on the face of another. There is just a peace and serenity about them that is contagious. They are at rest with themselves. I think this is how Jesus lived His life. That is why so many people followed Him. Not only did He have the words of life. But He walked in a calm and approachable manner. Contentment is a quality we must all long for and pursue. Never settle for the mediocre or lazy road, but rest in the peace and contentment that comes from knowing God.

Do you have siblings? Or possibly cousins or close friends. Rivalry and jealousy are a natural part of humanity. Something about competition or favoritism that just brings out a spirit of comparison. That’s why I love the story of Aaron and his little brother Moses. Most of us know how God used Moses to lead the children of Israel out of captivity, but you may not know the truth of how important it was that his brother was by his side.

Moses had two older siblings, a brother named Aaron and a sister named Miriam, and although they did not take center stage, they were a vital part of the journey of the Israelites.

You may know the story of God choosing Moses to be His spokesman, His mouthpiece, His author, and that Moses rejected the offer by responding that he did not have the ability to speak. He stuttered and stammered when he tried to talk. But God had a plan. God always has a plan. When he told Moses that he would use his brother Aaron to speak for him, Moses felt a sense of comfort in his assignment.

And although he envisioned Aaron being his mouthpiece, once he stepped into God’s calling for his life, he could not stop talking. Aaron did not have many opportunities to speak because Moses found confidence in his God-given ability. He was in his destiny.

But what we do find in Aaron is contentment. He was content to walk alongside and encourage his brother. To submit to the authority of God’s leader. To use his gifts and talents as a high priest and to speak to the people on behalf of God’s law, but he did not try to compete with his brother.

Contentment is a place in our soul where we find rest. Not needing to outshine, or out talk, or outperform, any other person. There is a sense of rest in our being that finds peace and serenity. You know you are content when you continue to pursue your interests and passions and abilities without comparing or competing with others. Competition and contentment are polar opposites. For Aaron, he chose to wait on the leadership of Moses as they approached Pharaoh, also when they walked up Mount Sinai, and again when the crossed the Red Sea, and all along the way walking through the wilderness. Leadership comes in different forms and different positions. We must strive to be content in the area of leadership that God has assigned for us. The truth is that we will all encounter times of jealousy and comparison with others. The goal is to know your role and purpose on this earth and to encourage those God puts in your path along the way. Be content with who you are and what you have to offer to humanity.

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