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Do You Fit the Biblical Model of Leadership?

Do You Fit the Biblical Model of Leadership?

The way to identify a leader is to look for someone that surrounds themselves with other leaders. Someone that is eager to learn and does not make excuses for themself. Someone who is strong and courageous and will take the lead. This is the story of Joshua. A man that followed in the footsteps of Moses and brought the children of Israel into the Promise Land. He was not Moses, he was Joshua. His leadership approach was different, yet perfect for the moment.

I can only imagine how intimidated Joshua felt when Moses handed off the mantle to him. I mean, this was Moses, the magnificent. The one who parted the Red Sea, met God in a burning bush and journeyed up Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments. It’s easy to feel intimidated by strong leaders. But when God puts a calling on your life, you must be obedient. The insecurity and fear are real, but once you start walking forward in your assignment, your confidence will grow. Joshua had no idea of all that God would do through him, beginning with the walls of Jericho falling down.

Joshua was a different kind of leader than Moses, and the people would soon see the various leadership styles.

God gave Joshua a strategy to lead his people into the promised land. From the spies that scoped out Jericho to the brilliant execution of walking into Canaan, this was now on Joshua’s watch. Moses had disobeyed God and, therefore, would not see the fulfillment of his assignment. The torch was now passed to Joshua. He would lead Israel not only into the Promised Land but into their future.

Leaders need wisdom and strategy along with humility. This was not about Joshua. This was about the fulfillment of a promise God gave to his people. One of the many lessons we learn from this story is that we have an opportunity and responsibility to partner with God in our assignments. There is always room for forgiveness and course correction when we disobey God, but there are also consequences for our choices.

Never assume when God gives you an assignment that He doesn’t also have other people in mind. God works all things together for His good.

Joshua had learned a lot from Moses, but now it was time to learn from God.

The book of Joshua is a testimony to the next generations on their journey to conquer the land. The reign of Joshua lasted about twenty-five years after the death of Moses. It took seven years to finally possess the Land of Canaan. Over the next several years, Joshua would lead Israel to victory through many military campaigns.

Almost twenty years later, Joshua would address the nation for his final exhortation.

Wise leaders develop people. It is critically important that you are always building other leaders around you. You will never grow until you find someone to replace your position. You must fill the void of where you currently are to rotate to a higher level. Joshua had to be still and listen to the word coming from God before he could step into his new leadership role. I am sure he questioned his assignment from time to time. Have you ever struggled with something God has asked you to do? Are you willing to accept the assignment God has aligned for you? Leadership begins by saying yes to God.

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