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Obedience to God Breaks Fear of Failure

Obedience to God Breaks Fear of Failure

One of the biggest mistakes in our walk with Christ is disobedience. We have to be aware that our obedience is key to opening the door to breaking failurism. You're probably thinking, what does obedience have to do with anything? The reality is we have to stop doing the things that God has told us to change. Obedience is a severe spiritual battle, and rebellion is witchcraft. I'm not saying that change is easy and it doesn't take time and effort one day at a time, but absolute disobedience to the things God has told you to change or do differently will keep you bound in failurism. How? We strip ourselves of power when we are not obedient, and we will continue to believe that we are just a failure. Yet, the entire time we are just being disobedient. Then we're beating ourselves up for being disobedient, and it really shows up as failurism in our life.

It's very important that as we walk this Christian walk to have power and authority, we have to be willing to let the Lord lead us in our growth. We have to stop doing what He has told us to change. What most people don't realize is it's so freeing just to obey and do what God's said or has asked you to do, even if it's hard at the moment to be obedient. You have to know you strip yourself of power if you cannot be obedient. You are literally saying to the devil, go ahead and send failurism right on in. You are giving the failure spirit power over you. The more that we obey God's voice and are obedient to Him, the stronger we become because, once again, it's not by our power or strength doing it. It's by simply obeying Him because Jesus alone is our righteousness. The enemy will bring attack against us as we are faithful to Christ. It's inevitable, but as long as what we're doing and the direction we're going is in obedience to God and the Holy Spirit, then you will be able to walk free of this evil stronghold.

Deep inside, when we are a follower of Christ, and we refuse to be obedient to the growth steps He's telling us to make, we feel guilty, and we live in a place of deep failure. When the cure is there all along, simply obey Christ. We can never go wrong by being obedient to Him. Everything He calls us to do, change or give up is all for His glory and our good. It will produce fruit, but disobedience and rebellion will not produce fruit. To be spiritually set free from failurism, you must learn that obedience is key!

As it is, you are full of your grandiose selves. All such vaunting self-importance is evil. In fact, if you know the right thing to do and don’t do it, that, for you, is evil. —JAMES 4:16–17, MSG

We are deceived when we believe that we can continue without obeying Christ, what He has told us to do, and that we will find freedom and produce the fruit that only comes through obedience. It's so relieving to know that what we do and don't do is Christ's decision in our life. We're letting Him decide. We are set free when we do that, but we don't know it until we become obedient and begin to change. What He has told us to change, then we defeat the rebellion and the defeated life of failurism, and that comes with rebellion because we believe that we're free to do what we want when we want and how we want. That's rebellion, not freedom, and that will keep failurism active in your life because once again, you're being reliant on your own plan instead of God's plan for you. That will lead to the downward spiral of the manifestations and symptoms of the spirit of failurism being alive and well in your life. True freedom and peace come through obedience to Christ and the knowledge that we're not responsible. He's responsible for the outcome; Amen, and then we break failurism!

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