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Anna Rountree Takes Readers On a Journey to Meet ‘The Warrior King’ With Third Book in Trilogy


Lake Mary, Fla.—Author Anna Rountree is taking readers on a breathtaking journey to shatter the mold of evil and take their place as more than conquerors in The Warrior King. (ISBN-13: 978-1-63641-265-8). In her first two books, Rountree recounted how her visions of heaven gave her a glimpse into this realm and how the earth is enveloped in spiritual activities. Now, she has experienced another vision, one focused on the spiritual battle most Christians don’t realize they’re in: the battle against the flesh.

“We often think that it is the devil that causes us the most trouble in our Christian life,” Rountree writes. “Actually, we limp toward maturity in Christ due to our flesh.”

For many people, it is easy to see the spiritual battle against the enemy of Satan. However, not everyone sees the bondages of sin that can keep us trapped into the desires of the flesh instead of the spirit. She saw how God has given each of His children the equipment and the training they need for all of the battles they will fight. Unfortunately, not everyone is choosing to use the tools God has given them. This is something Rountree warns readers about as she encourages them to stand tall in the power of Christ.

“The Trinity in each of its capacities helps to empty the believer and then fill the believer by testing and training each one so that each is given the opportunity to grow up into a Christ-filled believer,” Rountree writes.

For Rountree, she wants to see readers set free as more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. God has given His people exactly what they need to be overcomers, something that Rountree wants Christians to see.

The Warrior King, published by Charisma House, releases on October 3, 2023, and is available online at and wherever books are sold.

Anna Rountree spent many years in pastoral ministry with her husband. Before accepting Christ, she graduated from Baylor University and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. She later became an actress in New York City and wrote the screenplay for Stephen King's first book, Carrie. After coming to Christ, Anna and her husband spent several years helping bring pastors from many denominations and diverse ethnic backgrounds together for monthly prayer and daily gatherings. She is currently writing several books as well as a monthly chronicle of the spiritual history of the Moravian Falls House of Prayer.

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