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Jesus and Politics: One Woman's Walk with God in a Mudslinging Profession

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If Jesus is the God of redemption, then why do we believe our government is too far away from His reach?

After reading this book, I will understand how God wants to use Christians to change the world and how I can walk with the Holy Spirit no matter what call He places on my life.

Using her sixteen-year political career as a backdrop, Bunni Pounds gives readers practical tools for discipling a nation one heart at a time and living the Christian life extravagantly, even in a hostile environment. In Jesus and Politics, Pounds lays out the importance of Christians engaging in politics, government, and other spheres of influence to impact systems and individuals.

Sharing her divine appointments and unlikely interactions with prominent figures, Pounds gives readers a front-row seat to:

  • Witness the power of prayer as she supported a congressman through a terminal cancer diagnosis during a national campaign.
  • Discover how a word from God on a n airplane shifted a lawmaker into a new, more influential prominent position.
  • Learn how she set her heart free from bitterness and unforgiveness after a million-dollar congressional race by paying off her opponent's debt.
  • See how a dream about a congressman from the other side of the political aisle led to an ongoing ministry relationship that has transcended their political differences.

But this is more than a book of stories. Jesus and Politics is a book about Jesus that equips readers to:

  • Cultivate intimacy with Jesus, even in a hostile culture and amid life's pressures.
  • Effectively share the gospel, disciple others, and stand up for truth in various settings.
  • Engage in politics and various spheres of government to protect liberty in America.

Reminding readers that our liberty requires our participation, Jesus and Politics is an indispensable resource for those seeking to make a lasting impact for Christ and embark on a transformative journey to live out their destiny, preserve America, and make a difference for eternity.



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"Too many Christians believe that people in politics are distasteful and dirty. Some are, and that is precisely why we need more God-fearing people to take a leap of faith and engage in politics and public service. Bunni Pounds stepped out in faith with Christians Engaged. Now she is sharing her story with the rest of the nation. Her plan is to get believers to pray, vote, and engage—all of which are more important than ever before
in our history."
—The Honorable Scott Walker
Former Governor of Wisconsin; President, Young America’s Foundation

"Bunni Pounds is one of my newest heroes in this nation. Not only has she been salt and light in the political field for sixteen years and taken on the IRS to protect every Christian ministry, but she understands the importance of the body of Christ. She knows the church is the only answer for every ill in our land and wants to see every Christian reach their potential in God. Jesus and Politics will inspire you to walk with Jesus and impact
—Dr. Robert Jeffress
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Dallas; Bible Teacher, Pathway to Victory

"I endorsed Bunni in her eight-person primary because I saw a woman who was unafraid, solidly conservative, and passionately in love with Jesus. As someone who has worked here for over a decade now, it is hard in Washington, DC. Anyone who has ever been elected will tell you that the election is just the beginning. We need God in our lives as elected officials, and Bunni is stirring up Christians all over this nation to pray for their elected officials and nation, to vote in every election, and to engage in civic involvement.
Jesus and Politics will transform your life if you let it. If every Christian in America prayed, voted, and engaged, we would have a different world."
—The Honorable Mark Meadows
Former Member of Congress (R-NC); Former Chair, House Freedom Caucus; Former Chief of Staff to President Donald J. Trump

"Bunni Pounds inspires through her personal story from the front lines of American politics. She consistently calls us to humble ourselves and pray and to every day turn from our selfish ways, take up our cross, and follow Jesus. The motto of the United States of America is 'In God We Trust.' Bunni encourages us through her captivating and charming mission to turn to God both individually and as a nation."
—Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA)
Former Chair, House Republican Conference; Chair, House Energy and Commerce Committee

"When I served in the US Congress, Bunni Pounds was one of my most important and trusted aides, not to mention dearest friends. I can attest that she is a woman of integrity in every realm and has a deep burning passion for God, her family, and our great nation. Very few people I have ever met fight for faith, family, and freedom like this woman does. I simply know of no one better to help grow a movement of Christians who can positively impact the governance of America for generations to come."
—The Honorable Jeb Hensarling
Former Member of Congress (R-TX); Former Chairman, House Republican Conference and House Financial Services Committee

"The simple truth is that Bunni Pounds is a leader. Her story will rejuvenate your spirit and rekindle hope for our country!"
—State Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-TX)
National Advisory Board Member, Christians Engaged

"Bunni Pounds is unstoppable, mainly because she is following Jesus, but also because that is how He made her. She will have a great impact on this country, and her story is a must read. So many people of faith run from politics. Don’t. Bunni’s story should help every believer understand that representing Christ in every area of our life, including government, is both a stewardship responsibility and an incredible opportunity to impact the lives of others and our nation."
—Kelly Shackelford
President/CEO, First Liberty Institute; National Advisory Board Member, Christians Engaged

"Our culture has lost its way, and the rapidity of the transformational destruction of many of our cherished institutions has been shocking. We assumed our leaders would do the right thing, but most did not. We are now beginning to wake up and reengage. In Jesus and Politics, Bunni Pounds, who has been actively involved in the civil arena for decades, empowers this generation to live out their faith and transform a culture
that has lost its way."
—David Barton
Author and Historian; Founder, WallBuilders

"When I heard about how the IRS had denied the tax exemption status for Christians Engaged, I was floored, so I reached out to Bunni. What I found was a woman who was bringing her skills and political background to the table to help the church impact America for the long term. Bunni is not just a former political consultant and candidate, she is an intercessor and a voice for this generation who wants to inspire everyone to walk with Jesus. Jesus and Politics is the book we all need now to help us walk more with Jesus in a hostile culture. I believe it is going to impact hearts for years to come."
—Dave Kubal
President and CEO, Intercessors for America; National Advisory Board member, Christians Engaged

"Bunni Pounds is a well-known Christian leader and former political consultant who advocated for families and life throughout her political career. She is 100 percent correct that walking with God as a woman fully surrendered to Jesus is the key to standing firm for our beliefs with both dignity and grace."
—Penny Nance
President, Concerned Women for America

"Bunni Pounds has let God transform her life in the place of prayer. This woman is an intercessor, disciple maker, and preacher of the gospel. I have been honored to be a part of her life and watch how God has used her obedience during her race for Congress and now even more as she wakes up the church around this nation through Christians Engaged, a cutting-edge ministry that is bringing the body of Christ together like few others. If you want your heart to burn and to be awakened, read Bunni’s story and let the power of walking with God transform your life."
—Corey Russell
Intercessor, Author, and Speaker

"Very few people understand the ministry world and the political world like Bunni Pounds. Bunni knows the Word of God and has walked with Christians from all denominations for years. Not only that, she also thoroughly understands how government works at every level. Our family has had the opportunity to walk with Bunni through the years, and we’ve seen the consistent fruit of her life and ministry. Christians need to walk in government as real Christians—Bunni shows us how in Jesus and
—The Honorable Matt Krause 
Former Member of the Texas House of Representatives (R-TX); Of Counsel, First Liberty Institute; Distinguished Senior Fellow, Texas Public Policy Foundation

About the Author

Bunni Pounds is the founder and president of Christians Engaged, a nonprofit organization that seeks to awaken, educate, and empower Christians to pray, vote, and engage regularly in efforts to improve the nation’s wellbeing. She was a political consultant for sixteen years and helped Members of Congress run their campaigns. In 2018, she ran for Congress herself, becoming the only woman to make the Republican runoff ballot in Texas out of six open seats and the only person in the US to be endorsed by Vice President Mike Pence during that primary season. A graduate of Christ for the Nations and Dallas Baptist University, Pounds loves Jesus and sharing the gospel with anyone who will listen—from the halls of Congress to her own hometown. She and her husband, Tim, have been married since 1996 and have two grown sons, who are both married, and two grandchildren.

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Customer Reviews

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A Must Read for Every Christian

This book is full of amazing real-life God stories! You might not think that Jesus and Politics could exist in a godly testimony but Bunni Pounds' life is an example of how when you take Jesus with you in every situation, He will find a way to get the Glory and make you more like Him in the process. And guess what, miracles often follow! Bunni is an adept storyteller and finds a way to give honor to God in every situation. No matter what your age, job, challenge, or calling! You will be touched, entertained, and inspired by her honest and sometimes surprising stories! The lessons we can learn through her life are timeless. Whether you are a man or a woman, young or more seasoned, in politics or know nothing about it, you will enjoy this book! I highly recommend you buy it today because Bunni is the Real Deal and I promise you need to read what God has done through her life. Why - Because God is no respecter of persons! He will do it for you too!