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The Serpent and the Soul: Deliverance from Leviathan and Python

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Are you being strangled by demonic spirits?

After reading this book, I will see the sneaky ways that the devil tries to take a hold of my life and how I can be released from his grip through the power of Christ. I will be able to see that I was created for a life of wholeness and freedom found in the person of Jesus.

Brief Summary

Discover the strategies of Python, Leviathan, and other demonic spirits. Identity their primary targets, and learn how to defeat them!

In Luke 10:19, Jesus gave us the power to trample serpents and have authority over the
power of the enemy. Isaiah 27:1–3 identifies Leviathan as a twisting, fleeing serpent. This spirit operates in relationships at all levels and twists people’s words, shooting darts
between people and causing division. Not only does it ruin relationships, but healing
minister Katie Souza believes it also ruins our health and our daily lives.

The Serpent and the Soul shows you the many ways we allow the Leviathan (serpent) spirit into our lives and the impact it has on us. Python is another serpent spirit, and it constricts our finances and causes lack and misalignment in our lives and our physical bodies. So many misunderstand or overlook the connection between idolatry, witchcraft, and these serpent spirits and the impact they have on our bodies. Souza has seen this time and time again throughout her years of ministry.

But there is good news. You can break the serpents’ deadly grip through genuine repentance of pride, unforgiveness, and other doors these spirits use to gain access to your life. Your relationships can thrive again, and you can prosper and live in health and peace. This book will impart biblical understanding of Python, Leviathan, and other serpent spirits and provide you with powerful prayers and spiritual tools to help you break free from their control. God’s healing, restoration, and prosperity are available to you when you break the connection between the serpent and the soul.

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About the Author

Katie Souza writes, teaches, and travels extensively. She is the founder of the prison outreach Expected End Ministries, which serves over 3,000 prisons in five countries, and the author of The Captivity Series: The Key to Your Expected End and Healing the Wounded Soul. She produces a live television show, Healing Your Soul: Real Keys to the Miraculous, which airs on international networks such as Daystar Television Network and Family Entertainment Television (FETV). Katie lives in Florida with her husband, Robert, and their two small dogs.

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