Divine Intervention

50 True Stories of God's Miracles Today

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  • God is real and at work in the world today
    Talk-show host Daniel Fazzina is no stranger to the supernatural. Through his radio program he has encountered people from all over the world with miraculous stories that defy explanation, and he has experienced miracles in his own life, including dramatic healings from cancer and chronic back pain. Divine Intervention shares these amazing stories, including:
    ·          Medically documented divine healing
    ·          Deliverance from alcoholism and addiction
    ·          Freedom and salvation in Jesus Christ for a Muslim terrorist, and much more!
  • Daniel Fazzina is the host of the radio program Divine Intervention, on which he interviews intriguing people who have experienced the hand of God in amazing ways. Daniel’s own personal testimony of miraculous healings led him to start Divine Intervention, which can be heard on its flagship station, WLIX in New York, on stations across America, and on the Internet at divineinterventionradio.com.
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