9 Teachings About Halloween

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  • We Must Counterattack the Forces of Darkness at Halloween
    Believers Need to Start Praying Now Because the Enemy is Already at Work

    There Is Nothing Holy About Halloween
    Why I Don’t Celebrate Halloween

    How to Pray Offensively Against Witchcraft Curses at Halloween
    Apprehend Our Enemy and the Power of Darkness Through Prayer

    Fearful and Scared Spirits Have Detrimental Effects Years Later
    Scary Halloween Images Can Haunt Children for Years

    Do You Need Deliverance From Past Halloween Activities?
    Turn Over a New Leaf Today

    Is the Blood of Jesus Enough?
    Why Declaring the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ is Not Enough

    Rebellion as the Sin of Witchcraft
    Have You Given In to the Works of the Flesh?

    You Have No Idea What Demonic Spirits Are Behind Halloween
    It Can Have a Devastating Impact on You Years Later

    Witches and Warlocks Are Actually Looking for God's Power
    Being a Spiritual Warfare Minister, I Have Seen Many of These People Who Throw Curses Are Truly Looking for Love and Power, But are Caught in a Trap of Evil


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