3 International Testimonies of How the Gospel has Changed the World

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  • Saving India’s Daughters  by Adrienne Gaines
    P.P. Job Paid a High Price for Preaching the Gospel When His Two Sons Were Martyred. But Today His Adopted Daughters—504 in All—Are a Legacy of His Faith in Christ

    Back to the Killing Fields  by Chad Bonham
    After Miraculously Surviving an Attack in Which He Saw 13 Members of His Family Massacred by Khmer Rouge Soldiers in Camboda, Reaksa Himm Swore Revenge. But a Radical Encounter With Jesus Gave Him an Entirely New Reason to See the Murderers: To Forgive Them and Share the Gospel With Them

    On Sacred Ground  by Gail Wood
    Almost 50 Years Ago, American Missionaries Were Slain by the Waodani Tribe in Ecuador. Matt McCully, Son of One of the Missionaries, Recently Met and Forgave His Father’s Killers

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