Your Past is a Memory. God Makes All Things New.

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  • It's hard to stay focused on the promises of God when everything is falling apart.

    With the weight of the world on your shoulders, it becomes very inviting to sit down and give up. Before you know it, doubts, frustration, and bitterness begin to creep in and steal all of the joy and power from your life and your relationship with God.

    The past is just a memory. God makes all things new.
    In Limitless, best-selling author Jentezen Franklin encourages you to stop listening to the negative voices in your head that say things are never going to get better. You don’t have to believe that your kids are never going to serve God or you’ll never regain your health. In this book, you’ll discover how to:

    • Let go of the baggage and overcome the limits of your past once and for all
    • Block the enemy’s access into your life and cancel his assignments to limit you
    • Revive your prayer life and worship times through new levels of intimacy with God
    • Activate your faith to stop merely talking about miracles and start experiencing them
    • Dream God-sized dreams, determine not to become satisfied, and decide to go to the next level in your walk with God

    You don’t have to live a powerless, lukewarm Christian life. You can be victorious through the power of the Holy Spirit!

  • Jentezen Franklin is the pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia; Gwinnett, Georgia; and Orange County, California. Franklin is a popular conference speaker, and his nationally televised program, Kingdom Connection, is seen weekly on national and international networks. He has written several books, including Believe That You Can, Fear Fighters, and the New York Times best seller Fasting. He and his wife, Cherise, have five wonderful children.

    • ISBN-10: 1629986658
    • ISBN-13: 9781629986654
    • Paperback: 208 pages
    • Publisher: Charisma House (April 5, 2016)
    • Size: 7 x 5 x 0.531 inches
    • Language: English

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