Restoring A Nation's Foundations

Prayer Strategies & Action Plans

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  • Prayer Strategies and Action Plans

    You will be armed with much-needed tools for a call to action. Authors Jimmy and Carol Owens believe, like many others, that something needs to be done in order to reclaim the godly foundations on which this country was built.

    Examples of prayer and testimonies of change in the country show how crucial it is for Christians to be praying for our country, our leaders, and our enemies.

    The Owenes offer nine plans of action, including fasting on the first Friday of each month, praying the news, and cleaning up our culture. They also provide a list of twenty-five pertinent prayer items, such as praying for revivals, the media, schoolchildren, the Middle East, and the sins of the nation.

    In this war against powers and principalities, the Owenses provide a resource and study guides, with hundreds of Bible verses and an explanation of your religious rights.

    Taking action does produce results and only then with the remedies for healing the land—humility, prayer, worship and repentance—can we begin to turn the tide on the crime and corruption that have been sweeping through the nation for years.

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  • Jimmy and Carol Owens live in southern California and have been writing for over thirty years. Their musical productions include Show Me!, Come Together, and The Glory of Christmas. They received a Dove Award nomination and a Grammy nomination for their musical Ants’hillvania. Along with musical productions and books, Carol has contributed material for the NIV Worship Bible and the Women of Destiny Bible.

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