Stress Relief for Life

Practical Solutions to Help You Relax and Live Better

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  • Stress-related ailments cost companies over $200 billion a year in increased absenteeism, tardiness, and the loss of talented workers. Over 90 percent of all visits to the family doctor are for reasons related to stress. Chronic stress is one of the major contributors to marital discord and spiritual disconnection. In short, stress dramatically affects our financial health, our physical health, our relationships, and our faith.

    This book will help you de-stress now! Within its pages you will learn:

    Why you are stressing out
    The only way to truly relax
    The connection between your thoughts and feelings of stress
    How to make important lifestyle changes that will insulate you from stress in the future
    How to start a stress-reducing exercise routine
    How to build relationships that will help you de-stress
    How to create a less hectic schedule

    Most importantly, Stress Relief for Life will help you build a personalized system for managing stress that you can implement in any stressful situation, relationship, or environment.

  • Dr. Mike Ronsisvalle is a licensed psychologist and the president of the Florida Counseling Centers, a psychological services agency that serves Central and South Florida. Dr. Mike earned both a master of arts and a doctor of psychology in clinical psychology from Wheaton College. Prior to his graduate studies in psychology, Dr. Ronsisvalle completed seminary training at Samford University’s Beeson Divinity School, where he received a master of theological studies.

    Dr. Mike is also the vice president of Reality, Inc. As a part of his work with the ministry, he hosts a weekly radio broadcast called Reality Radio and speaks at seminars and conferences across the country. He is also the host of a 30-minute television program titled Dr. Mike: Changing Your Reality, which airs nationally in the USA and Canada. Visit his website at

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